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6 reasons work is dead and meaning is on the rise

Is work dead? FIU Vice President for Engagement Saif Y. Ishoof thinks so. During his Framing the Future of Work talk at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce HR Insights conference March 21, 2019, he shared his insights into the ways automation and AI play a role in creating meaningful career pathways. Find out the 6 reasons why work is dead and meaning is on the rise.


#305PrideChat: A celebration of our community 

March 5 was 305 Day, a social media movement created by 305 Cafecito as a way to honor Miami on 03/05. Each year, members of the 305 community take to Twitter to say cheers to the city they love. This year, the Office of Engagement decided to use this day as a way for the FIU community and its partners to highlight the parts of Miami that bring them the most joy during a 305 Pride Twitter Chat. Read a recap of the Q&A.


FIU kicks off 2018 United Way campaign

When Charles E. Perry founded Florida International University in 1965, he set out to create a different kind of university. He believed that FIU could not be the kind of university it needed to be unless people were willing to step up and care for their community. That is why a couple of decades ago FIU made the decision that if there was one non-profit to support that could have a far-reaching impact in the community, it would be United Way. Read the full story here.


It's official, the #FutureIsUs! 

On September 24, 2018, we held our #FutureIsUs launch event, a testament to FIU’s commitment to community engagement. #FutureIsUs is an FIU initiative to support our 2020 Carnegie Foundation Classification for Community Engagement. The social media initiative allows our FIU family to spotlight efforts to engage, build, and scale high impact partnerships that matter in our community. Read the full story here.