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GMCC Disruption Workgroup

Miami is a city ripe for “disruption,” emerging market forces that could upend our economy now and in the near future. But the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) and the Office of Engagement are collaborating to tackle it. Forming the GMCC Disruption Workgroup, their goal is to get ahead of disruption, to embrace it and use it as a force for good. 

Chaired by Office of Engagement president, Saif Ishoof, the Disruption Workgroup is bringing together Miami’s innovators to tackle issues like automation, technology, climate change and changing consumer preferences. They’re finding solutions and developing ideas to help Miami become synonymous with innovation and forward thinking. Ideas like the Innovate Miami Summit, which gathers changemakers and business leaders to discuss how to turn startups into scale-ups; and the Resilience Conference, a showcase of companies with new and innovative resilient products. 

The Disruption Workgroup continues to identify areas for disruption with emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, resilience, technology, and the shared economies. Learn more about the GMCC Disruption Workgroup.

The Beacon Council One Community One Goal

To spur economic growth in Miami-Dade County, the Beacon Council is looking to educational institutions to lead the way. The Council’s One Community One Goal (OCOG) initiative is a plan to generate job growth and economic prosperity in the region by starting with our students.

The OCOG has identified 7 industries which show high potential for growth. To meet the need for skilled workers in these fields, the OCOG established the Academic Leaders Council (ALC), a group of South Florida’s top universities and schools. Led by FIU’s own president, Mark B. Rosenberg, and the Office of Engagement, ALC members work closely with business leaders to align their academic programs with industry needs. In this way, members of the ALC can better prepare students to enter the South Florida workforce.

The OCOG is the centerpiece of many of the Office of Engagement’s own initiatives. The guidance and support of the Beacon Council has made projects like ACCESS and the Talent Development Network possible. By following the recommendations set forth by the OCOG, FIU is shaping our 50,000+ students into the workforce of the future. 

Learn more about the Beacon Council’s One Community One Goal.