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FIU's public-private partnerships serve as cooperative arrangements between the university and other public or private entities. In joining forces, the public and private sector are able to leverage resources to enhance learning opportunities for FIU students through experiential learning and aid the private sector as they work to develop their future workforce. 

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

The Royal Caribbean partnership has created impact for students since the establishment of the partnership in 2014. Through a summer internship program, master classes, and the Royal@FIU World Stage, the two anchor institutions (FIU and RCL) prepare and train Royal Caribbean shipboard performers, while affording learning opportunities to FIU students. Students have a chance to participate in behind-the-scenes shipboard tours, connect with Royal Caribbean's management teams, learn from entertainment professionals, and even access Royal Caribbean's proprietary data for reserach. 

FIU students interested in learning more about internship opportunities with Royal Carribean can do so at

  • 27

    students participated in the summer internship experience in various departments throughout RCL headquarters and at the RCL World Stage at BBC

  • 102

    alumni are currently employed at RCL headquarters

  • 60

    FIU theater and music students have participated in 3 master classes at the RCL World Stage

The initiative aligns with FIU's strategic commitment to the arts and its robust effort to build win-win public-private partnership. For Royal Caribbean, the partnership builds on the company's passion for innovation and for encouraging employees to learn from one another. FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg