Public-Private Partnerships at FIU

FIU’s public-private partnerships serve as cooperative arrangements between the university and other public or private entities. By joining forces, the public and private sectors are able to leverage resources to enhance learning opportunities for FIU students while developing the future workforce. Partnerships with private companies such as Royal Caribbean, and public partners such as the City of Miami Beach, prepare FIU students with the hands-on knowledge they need to successfully enter the workforce upon graduation.

Royal Caribbean Cruises & FIU

Our partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has created impactful opportunities for students since 2014. Through a summer internship program and master classes, FIU and Royal Caribbean afford learning opportunities for FIU students, such as behind-the-scenes shipboard tours and connections with Royal Caribbean management teams. 

Florida Power & Light & FIU

In 2010, Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) partnered with FIU to begin the FPL – FIU Student Partnership Program, an FPL recruitment initiative that attracts local, top-tier talent while providing FIU students with immediate career opportunities at FPL, one of Florida's largest employers, in marketing, technology, business, administration, and more.

The partnership has resulted in the launch of FPL’s first on-campus customer care center, located in the heart of FIU’s MMC, where students answer calls from FPL customers needing assistance with FPL services. 

Learn how you can apply and get involved with the FPL – FIU Student Partnership Program here.

The MITRE Corporation & FIU

FIU and MITRE, a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to research and development in the public interest, have entered into a strategic partnership to work on the most significant challenges facing the nation: artificial intelligence and machine learning; the future of work and development of the 21st-century workforce; digital health; protecting personal data and identities; social media integrity and combating disinformation campaigns; protecting critical national infrastructure against cyber threats, and enabling safe operations in air and space transportation. The partnership will involve joint efforts to promote innovation to benefit the government and the public; enhance economic development in South Florida, and enhance FIU student talent development and preparation with opportunities in the new Internet of Things degree, micro-credentialing, internships and apprenticeships.

Learn more about the MITRE Corporation partnership with FIU here.