The Office of Engagement works to leverage the university’s resources of scholarship and research to partner with members of the community, organizations, and businesses to solve challenges and create opportunities.  

  • Build

    We seek to build and maintain partnerships, coalitions and outreach programs across South Florida.

  • Connect

    We're connecting municipalities, organizations, and private-partners with FIU resources and students.

  • Impact

    We're dedicated to building partnerships that impact our community and create positive change.

Community Partnerships 

The Office of Engagement works with community partners to solve challenges they face while linking the FIU community to existing opportunities. Alongside the City of Miami Beach, the City of Boynton Beach, South Florida Anchor Alliance, Public Interest Tech, Jobs & Opportunity, the South Florida Black Prosperity Alliance, and the United States Coast Guard, we work to ensure our community has the best resources and support systems available.

Learn more about our community partners here.


The Office of Engagement coalitions serve as alliances for collaborative action, impact and growth in our region while addressing urgent situations and creating long-term social change. Currently, the Office operates the Talent Development Network, Life Sciences South Florida, and Urban Potential Laboratories.

Learn more about the coalitions we lead here. 

Public-Private Partnerships 

FIU’s public-private partnerships serve as cooperative arrangements between the university and other public or private entities. By joining forces, the public and private sectors are able to leverage resources to enhance learning opportunities for FIU students while developing the future workforce.

Learn more about our different public-private partnership programs here.

Community Support and Outreach

Through community outreach, the Office of Engagement is able to support programming, workshops, conferences, and other community events that serve as resources in solving the most pressing challenges in our community while connecting FIU and external partners together. 

Learn more about our community support and outreach programs here.