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Venture Miami Opportunity Program

The City of Miami is having a moment that can turn into sustained and inclusive economic development via the strategic and effective stewardship of new companies and investors. Funded by JP Morgan Chase, FIU is leveraging the existing novel partnership between the City of Miami and FIU Engagement via Venture Miami to create a new program that provides targeted access and support to female founders of color, a significantly underrepresented group in the innovation economy.

  • 16% of the population are Black, Indigenous, and women of color
  • Only 4%of tech roles in the United States are comprised of Black, Indigenous, and women of color
  • And 0Black or Latina women are CEOs of Fortune 500 tech companies

Find Your Next Opportunity with the Venture Miami Opportunity Program

The Venture Miami Opportunity Program will develop and curate programming that closes the inclusion gap by serving female founders from underrepresented backgrounds and engaging community-based organizations and potential investors. 20 female founders of color will have the opportunity to participate annually. 

Structured as a cohort model, the new program will provide intensive management and leadership training to participants and will focus on four key areas: talent, technology, social network, and access to capital.


Join the Inaugural Cohort of Founders

If you are interested in joining the inaugural cohort of founders, please fill out the form below. 


Looking for Founders to Invest In?

Are you an investor seeking founders in Miami? Connect with us via email to find out how you can invest in local founders, businesses, and organizations.