Find Your Next Opportunity with the FIU-Venture Miami Opportunity Program

The City of Miami is having a moment that can turn into sustained and inclusive economic development via the strategic and effective stewardship of new companies and investors. Funded by JPMorgan Chase, FIU is leveraging the existing novel partnership between the City of Miami and FIU Engagement via Venture Miami to create a new program that provides targeted access and support to female founders of color in South Florida, a significantly underrepresented group in the innovation economy.

The FIU-Venture Miami Opportunity Program will develop and curate programming that closes the inclusion gap by serving South Florida female founders from underrepresented backgrounds and engaging community-based organizations and potential investors. 

Structured as a cohort model, the new program will provide intensive management and leadership training to participants and will focus on four key areas: talent, technology, social network, and access to capital.


Ready to apply?

Applications for the FIU-Venture Miami Opportunity Program's second cohort are currently open to the entire South Florida community – no need to be an FIU alumna or student. To be considered for the second cohort, please reach out to FIU-Venture Miami Opportunity Program Director Kenasha Paul at

  • 16% of the population are Black, Indigenous, and women of color
  • Only 4%of tech roles in the United States are comprised of Black, Indigenous, and women of color
  • And 0Black or Latina women are CEOs of Fortune 500 tech companies

FIU-Venture Miami Opportunity Program In the News

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FIU's Venture Miami Opportunity Program to uplift female founders of color 


By: Ashley Portero, Senior Reporter at the South Florida Business Journal

Florida International University is teaming with the city of Miami and JPMorgan Chase to empower female founders of color.

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Ariana The Techie raises $3.3M seed round for fine art NFT marketplace


By: Riley Kaminer, Refresh Miami

Ariana The Techie has developed Mueshi as a platform for users to buy, sell, and fractionally invest in NFTs. This marketplace will be open for users on the Etherium and Solana blockchains in June. Ariana raised a $3.3M seed round for Mueshi led by Harlem Capital, with participation from Presight Capital, CapitalT, Ted Lucas of Slip-n-Slide Records, and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson. 

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Show Agents lets real estate professionals be in two places at once


By: Riley Kaminer, Refresh Miami

It was a Thanksgiving that would change Nadia Davis' life. A call to her real estate broker's dad from an anxious client forced Nadia and her father to go show the property, resulting in them being an hour late to the Thanksgiving celebration. It was then that Show Agents, a digital tool that allows real estate agents to be in two places at once, was born.

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