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Coalitions at the Office of Engagement

When community challenges are too large or complex for one agency or organization to tackle, the Office of Engagement takes the lead in bringing the right stakeholders together to discuss issues and present solutions. Currently, the Office of Engagement operates the Talent Development Network, Life Sciences South Florida, and Urban Potential Laboratories.

We lead on coalition efforts to address urgent situations, empower the community, provide resources, and create long-term social change.

Learn more about our coalition programs below.

Venture Miami Opportunity Program

Funded by JP Morgan Chase, FIU is leveraging the existing novel partnership between the City of Miami and FIU Engagement via Venture Miami to create a new program that provides targeted access and support to female founders of color, a significantly underrepresented group in the innovation economy.

Learn more, join the first Venture Miami Opportunity Program cohort, or invest by clicking here.

South Florida Black Prosperity Alliance

A direct-action recommendation coming from the Equity Action Advisory Group is FIU's capacity-building support of the South Florida Black Prosperity Alliance (SFBPA), which was launched by the Miami-Dade Chamber in June of 2020.  The SFBPA is comprised of business, civil rights, and economic leaders across the Tri-County, with a key focus of aligning advocacy efforts in response to COVID-19's disproportionate impact on the South Florida Black community, and historic economic access and mobility gaps. The FIU Engagement Outreach & Strategy Manager is currently working in partnership with Alliance leadership and members to create an ongoing strategy and implementation plan to maximize the impact and reach of the SFBPA and its long-term efforts. 

Learn more about the SFBPA here.


Urban Potential Laboratories

FIU has partnered with JPMorgan Chase to meet the ever-growing needs of the labor market with UP Labs, a 14-week program designed to prepare non-traditional and Pell Grant-eligible learners for middle-skills jobs in the health care industry. These jobs, which require more education than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree, have been identified as in-demand and pay a living wage as defined by Miami-Dade County.

Learn more and get started on your application today.

Talent Development Network

The Talent Development Network, a first-of-its-kind regional program, was pioneered by South Florida’s local academic and economic development institutions with the goal of creating paid internship opportunities to foster the growth of university graduates and local businesses. FIU, along with six major academic institutions, works to link talented students with high-paying internships. The Office of Engagement works as the operational arm of the Talent Development Network, helping to increase retention, graduation, and job placement rates for students; increases the availability of paid internship opportunities; matches students with prospective employers; and aligns internship programs with key learning outcomes.

Find an internship, hire an intern, follow Talent Development Network on social media, and/or learn more about Talent Development Network.


Life Sciences South Florida

Life Sciences South Florida, a conglomerate of institutions that includes universities, colleges, economic development agencies, and research institutions, connects industry partners and world-class institutions together to drive research and high-paying jobs in the life sciences industry within South Florida. The Office of Engagement serves the coalition by assisting the membership institutions in establishing a shared communication portal, technology platform, research core facilities, and institute commercialization; conducting an extensive asset map and cluster analysis; recruiting, developing, and retaining talent in the region; and creating and strengthening programs designed to increase STEM student and workforce development within the South Florida region.

Explore Life Sciences South Florida technology, programs, and research today.